In Hungary. Completely domestic product, developed by Hungarian Chemical engineers
Souldrops products contain potentially allergenic components in such low concentration that the products may be only slightly allergic. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that any of the products may cause allergic reactions with some people as allergic reactions might occur to people with individual sensibility. Should you experience any allergic reactions when using the products, we strongly recommend to seek medical advice.
The main aspect at designing the formulae was that they should be dermatologically friendly. We did our best to develop a product that cares for all types of skins. Nevertheless, as stated above, the possibility of allergic reactions – however unlikely – cannot be completely ruled out. Should such symptoms occur, we strongly recommend to seek medical advice.
The main difference is that Souldrops products are not only environmental-friendly (free of Phosphor and Phosphonate) but have ground-breaking design. The young chemical engineers do not only develop products with high efficiency at affordable prices but create a worthy rival of the products manufactured by big multinational enterprises.

Both detergents and fabric softeners are considered to be universal, thus they are applicable for washing both black and white textiles and other types of fabrics, too.

Souldrops products may be used in both high and low temperature washing. Detailed relevant information may be found on the label of the products. It is highly recommended to follow the instructions on the labels to achieve the best possible washing performance and in order to prevent damages to the fabric.

Tip: Enzymes in the detergents (their primary function is stain removal) are more efficient at lower temperatures. Moreover, washing at low temperatures will also save energy thus protect the environment and also the family’s finances.

Yes, if instruction are followed Souldrops products do help colour retention. However, nothing can prevent clothes losing colour after several years of(washing and usage (clothes tend to lose colour over time)), not even Souldrops products.
If uncertain about a piece of clothes losing colour, it is recommended to perform a trial wash and check if it looses colour in order to prevent it from dying other textiles.

Yes, Souldrops products are made of biodegradable plant based ingredients and all are petroleum free.

In terms of washing performance, not really. Liquid detergents are less likely to cause allergic reactions, as there is no powder or its residue to inhale.

The colours of the bottles are in harmony with the products’ scents.

Yes, all of our bottles are made of recycled granules sourced from Germany with certificate and labelled “aus dem Gelben Sack” (from the yellow bag, i.e.. Selected waste). Souldrops do not increase the amount of plastic on the planet.

Currently, there isn’t. We are working on different solutions.

There are two types of fabric softeners available on the market: concentrated fabric softeners and their diluted versions. Dilution always means less efficacy. Souldrops fabric softeners are concentrated and can also be diluted if requested.

Yes, Souldrops products may be combined with other additive products.

Souldrops products are manufactured by monsun Kft., which is a 100% Hungarian company.

There is a great variety of surfactants in use on the market, most of them are of synthetic origins. Souldrops are made of plant based ingredients.

There is no safety cap on the products. Although, none of them are harmful, still it is recommended to keep them out of reach of children.

It depends on a lot of factors, e.g. whether they are used diluted or not, or the clothes are dried in open-air or in a machine.

Detergents and dishwashing liquids are available in three fragrances, all are fresh and natural. Fabric softeners are available in four natural and revitalizing fragrances.

No, Souldrops detergents can be easily rinsed if instructions on the labels of the products and clothes are followed.

NIt is not vital but recommended. Fabric softeners remove the residue of detergents in the fabric as well as make the textiles softer and antistatic.Softens the fabric, with antistatic and PH neutralizing effects.

Please, follow the instructions on the labels